Terms and Conditions

1. Identification data

In compliance with the duty of information contained in the following laws:

Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, on the Protection of Personal Data LOPD.
Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, known as the Regulation of development of the LOPD.
European Union Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons RGPD.
Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, 2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce LSSICE.

The owner of this website is BIACTIVITY S.L.U., hereinafter Spa-hotel.net, residing at Del Pilar, Santa Margarida de Montbui, 08710 Barcelona, with C.I.F number: B-65870115, registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona. Contact e-mail [email protected]

Biactivity SLU is the owner of the domains Spa-hotel.net hereinafter Spa-hotel.net.

2. Purpose and Scope

These Terms of Service regulate the conditions of use and access to all the web pages, as well as the responsibilities derived from the use of their contents, texts, images, videos and any other information protected by national and international laws on intellectual and industrial property.

3. Conditions

3.1. User status

The access and/or use of Spa-hotel.net, its contents and/or services, attributes the condition of “user” and implies full and unreserved adherence to the General Conditions of Use expressed herein. The user declares to be of legal age and that he/she has the legal capacity to assume the Terms of Service detailed herein.

3.2. General Rules of Use

The user undertakes to make appropriate use of the contents and services of Spa-hotel.net. He/she shall communicate respectfully with other users, shall not send advertising or communications for profit, and shall not send any other type of unauthorized mass mailings.

3.3. Changes in the Conditions

These Terms of Service may be updated or modified from time to time. In such case, the user will be subject to the new conditions for the use of Spa-hotel.net.

4. Contents and services provided

Our website is dedicated to offering content related to travel, hotels, and tourism, and provides an independent perspective from traditional booking portals, as our selection is made manually.

Spa-hotel.net reserves the right to modify, add or cancel its content at any time and without prior notice.

This page provides affiliate links to Booking.com, and we earn a small commission every time you book a hotel through our links. This does not cost you any extra, as our commission is granted by Booking.com, and it helps us to continue running this website.

5. Intellectual and industrial property

The content of the website is the property of Biactivity SLU, except for the photographs which are the property of Booking.com. The contents are protected by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of the Intellectual Property Law. In particular, according to Article 12 of the aforementioned Royal Decree, such as data collections. Reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation of this property is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Biactivity SLU.

Unauthorized use of this intellectual property by third parties will give rise to liabilities, criminal and / or civil and other legally established. Spa-hotel.net will not be liable for user infringements that affect the rights of third parties.

6 Privacy policy and data protection

We provide you with the following privacy policy and data protection so you can see and decide on the use of your personal and anonymous data that we do on this website.

6.1. Responsible for the processing of your personal data

The owner of this website is BIACTIVITY S.L.U., hereinafter Spa-hotel.net, residing at Del Pilar, Santa Margarida de Montbui, 08710 Barcelona, with C.I.F number: B-65870115, registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona. Contact e-mail [email protected]

6.2. Anonymous information

Spa-hotel.net obtains and keeps the following information about visitors to our website:

The domain name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the IP address that gives them access to the network to compile statistics on the countries and servers that visit Spa-hotel.net most often.
The date and time of access to our website to analyze the hours of influx, and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems on our servers.
The internet address from which the link to our web site started in order to know the effectiveness of the different banners and links that point to our server.
The number of daily visitors to each section, to know the most successful areas and increase and improve its content, so that users get a more satisfactory result.
This information obtained is completely anonymous, and in no case can be associated with any specific user browsing Spa-hotel.net.

6.3. Use of protected data

Spa-hotel.net undertakes to comply with its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to treat them with confidentiality, and assumes, for these purposes, the technical, organizational and security measures necessary to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

Children under 13 years of age

For children under thirteen years of age, the consent of parents or guardians is required for the processing of their personal data. Under no circumstances will data relating to the professional or financial situation or the privacy of other family members be collected from minors without their consent. If you are under thirteen and have accessed this website without notifying your parents should not register as a user or use our contact forms.

6.4. Purpose of Personal Data

By providing your personal data you consent to your information being collected, used, managed and stored for the following purposes:

To contact from Spa-hotel.net with you at the email or phone number you provide, with your name and surname for the use of our website or to respond to your particular query.
To send your contact details (name, surname, email and telephone) to the owner in case you wish to request information about one or more published premises that have been advertised on Spa-hotel.net.
Management, collection of products or services purchased by you.
For the maintenance and management of Spa-hotel.net’s relationship with you.
For information and / or technical, operational, and commercial training about products and services related to your ad if you are an owner or your search for destination or accommodation in Spa-hotel.net.
For statistical purposes.
To ensure compliance with the terms of use and applicable law. This may include the development of tools and algorithms that help this website to ensure the confidentiality of the personal data it collects.

6.5. User Rights

Users shall have all the rights conferred to them by applicable law:

INFORMATION: You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether Spa-hotel.net is processing personal data concerning you.
CONSULTATION AND MODIFICATION: You have the right to access your personal data, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data.
CANCELLATION AND FORGETTING: You may request the deletion of your personal data when you wish and complete deletion in our files.
CONFIRMATION OF ASSIGNMENT: You have the right to be informed of the assignment of personal data to third parties to confirm your acceptance.
LIMITATION: You may request the limitation of the processing of your data, in which case we will only keep them for the exercise or defense of claims or other legal actions that we are requested from the Administration or the Court.

6.6. Preservation of data

The personal data provided will be kept:

As long as the relationship with you, our user, is maintained.
Until their deletion is requested by you, the interested party.
Until we are requested to delete the data for legal reasons.

6.7. Accuracy and truthfulness of the data

As a user, you are solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data you provide to the WEBSITE exonerating Spa-hotel.net of any liability in this regard. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided and undertake to keep them updated. The user agrees to provide complete and correct information in the contact or subscription form.

Spa-hotel.net reserves the right to exclude from the registered services to any user who has provided false information, without prejudice to other actions that may be appropriate in law.

6.8. Transfer of protected data

Spa-hotel.net may transfer or communicate protected data without the consent of the user in accordance with article 11.2 of Law 15/1999 LOPD, when authorized by law or to comply with its legal obligations to the Public Administrations or when the recipient is the Ombudsman, the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the Judges or Courts or the Court of Auditors, in the exercise of the functions attributed to it, or autonomous institutions with functions analogous to the Ombudsman or the Court of Auditors.

6.9.Cookies policy

6.9.1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that Spa-hotel.net install on the computer or mobile device of users who visit them.

There are several types of cookies:

Session cookies or first-party cookies which are those generated by the websites you are visiting that can only be read by that website and are deleted when you exit the browser. A website can also use external services that generate their own cookies: third-party cookies.
Persistent cookies are those that are stored in your browser and are not automatically deleted when you exit your browser.

6.9.2. Use of cookies on this website

Spa-hotel.net uses a cookie to remember your user preferences for a certain period of time. Thus, you do not have to re-enter your preferences when browsing our pages during the same visit.

6.9.3. Which cookies we install

We use a single cookie that is stored in your browser:

Cookie brck
Cookie brck is a session cookie necessary for our service, it maintains a secure session during the user’s visit to our WEBSITE. It is a first-party cookie that is automatically deleted when you exit the browser and serves to remember user session information from the time you enter any page of our WEBSITE until you exit the browser.

6.9.4. How to manage your cookies

You can allow, block or delete cookies installed through your browser. Thus, if you do not want cookies to be installed on your hard drive, you can configure your browser not to receive them.

Here are links on how to manage the cookies you receive in different browsers:

Internet Explorer:

6.10. Attention to the user

For your convenience, and if you would like more information on how you can exercise the aforementioned rights, our contact form is at your service.

7. Exclusion of warranties and liability

The use of Spa-hotel.net is the sole responsibility of the user, thus, the user agrees to respond to the consequences, damages that may arise from it. Spa-hotel.net will make every effort to provide a good service through its website to the user.

7.1. Availability

Spa-hotel.net does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the operation of its website or its services at all times.

7.2. Truthfulness, accuracy and updating

Spa-hotel.net is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and updating of the contents of the Spa-hotel.net that have been prepared based on their own users: ads, files, prices, places, traditions and customs, links outside any of the Spa-hotel.net, photographs, opinions, reviews, forums, debates, comments, observations. Being exempt from any liability that falls directly or indirectly on the person or company that makes use of them.

In particular, the owners of the premises that are advertised on Spa-hotel.net are the editors of their ads and, therefore, are responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, updating and legality of the information and content relating to their premises: type of premises, type or type of accommodation that indicates to have, contact details, links, addresses, descriptions, photographs, prices, places of interest, videos, offers, promotions and comments.

The user will refrain from publishing content that infringes the rights of third parties or that damage the image of Spa-hotel.net.

7.3. Security

The user shall refrain from producing by any means any destruction, alteration, disablement or damage to data, programs or electronic documents of Spa-hotel.net, its suppliers or third parties, as well as introducing or spreading on the Network programs, viruses or any physical or electronic instrument that causes or is likely to cause any type of alteration in the Network, in the system, or in equipment of Spa-hotel.net or third parties. It is expressly forbidden to carry out any type of activity or practice that transgresses the principles of good conduct generally accepted among Internet users.

Spa-hotel.net does not guarantee the security of the website, not being responsible for interventions by unauthorized third parties in the same, or the appearance of viruses and the like in your system or media.

7.4. Services provided by third parties

Spa-hotel.net does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, updating, privacy, security, availability and / or continuity of the content and / or services of third parties that are displayed directly on your page or which are accessed through links, banners, buttons, etc..

Spa-hotel.net is not an intermediary of services, only and exclusively offers the service of information and advertising. Users should contact the owners directly. Spa-hotel.net will not be a party to such contracting and will not be responsible for the quality, content or availability of the services you wish to hire or have been hired.

7.5. Opinions and others

The user will refrain from carrying out any conduct that violates the intellectual or industrial property rights of the website or third parties, or that violates or transgresses the honor, personal or family privacy or the image of third parties, holding harmless Spa-hotel.net against claims, judicial or extrajudicial, which are filed against it as a result of such conduct.

Users may issue opinions about the accommodations, services and others. Spa-hotel.net will not publish comments or opinions that manifestly violate the honor, personal or family privacy of third parties. Spa-hotel.net is not responsible for, nor guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the opinions that may be exposed by users.

7.6. Miscellaneous

The user agrees not to use the contents and services of the website to perform or suggest activities prohibited by morality or legal order, expressly agreeing to exempt Spa-hotel.net from any liability related to the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of the data, programs, information or opinions, whatever their origin, included on the website.

8. Links

The establishment of a hyperlink to Spa-hotel.net does not imply acceptance or any relationship between the page that establishes it and us. Spa-hotel.net authorizes the establishment of hyperlinks to our website.

9. Affiliation

This page provides affiliate links to Booking.com, and we earn a small commission every time you book a hotel through our links. This does not cost you any extra, as our commission is granted by Booking.com, and it helps us to continue running this website.

10. Termination

Spa-hotel.net may interrupt or cancel the website or any of the services offered to users at any time and without notice. It may also interrupt the service to any user who makes an unethical, offensive, illegal, or incorrect use of the contents or services of the website and / or contrary to the interests of Spa-hotel.net.

11. Force Majeure

Force Majeure is considered to be any event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties or any other contingency that cannot be foreseen or is unavoidable in accordance with the stipulations and jurisprudence of Article 1.105 of the Civil Code. If, for reasons of Force Majeure, the service covered by this contract is interrupted, such obligation shall be suspended for such time and to such extent as may be justifiable.

12. Communications

Spa-hotel.net may direct its communications to the user either by email or by post; similarly, the user may direct its communications to Spa-hotel.net through the following link: contact us.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relationship established between Spa-hotel.net and the User shall be governed by the provisions of current legislation on applicable law and competent jurisdiction. However, for cases in which the regulations provide for the possibility of the parties to submit to a jurisdiction, Spa-hotel.net and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.